Martin Estate Cabernet Sauvignons are hand-crafted in small lots at the Rutherford château. The wines mirror their renowned terroir where the Estate’s premium grapes thrive.

Detailed aromatics, complex layers of fruit, combined with restrained tannins are the hallmarks of Martin Estate’s aristocratic portfolio.

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The Commitment

Estate Grown, Produced, and Bottled from a Single Vineyard, Martin Estate’s Cabernet Sauvignons are sourced solely from the Rutherford Estate. Meticulously farmed since its inception, sustainable farming practices focus on the health of the vines and quality conscious winegrowing. Certified by Napa Green, year-long attention is lavished on the vineyard by a dedicated in-house team.

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The Commitment

完整的葡萄酒酿造过程全部在城堡中进行,从而能够最大限度地控制和关注细节。每个葡萄簇都经过精心挑选,然后再手工分类到不同浆果品类中。马丁庄园的赤霞珠葡萄酒在酒庄最先进的葡萄酒酿造厂中达到完美状态。法国Nomblot酒罐,Le Jeune发酵桶,Radoux橡木发酵罐以及用于温和提取葡萄汁的意大利篮式压榨机,则整齐的排列在地窖内。


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A Napa Valley Legacy

Originally established in 1887 as the H.H. Harris Wine Cellar, Martin Estate remains as one of the last privately owned historic wineries in the Napa Valley. For over 25 years, the Martin Family’s dedication to classic winemaking and sustainable vineyard practices has produced wines of purity, character and finesse.

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A Napa Valley Legacy

一个致力于手工制作品质上乘且限量生产的葡萄酒庄就这样被建立起来。经过115年的沉睡,哈里斯酒窖被重新命名为马丁庄园(MARTIN ESTATE),并正式为它第一个采收期生产的赤霞珠葡萄酒装瓶。